Our latest race designed system is made entirely from Stainless Steel. It is fully spring mounted in sections for quick installation and removal. The system offers full access to the oil filter, oil drain plug and the center stand is retained, no compromises with this new exhaust!! The complete system is super light, with megaphone muffler, packed for shipping, it weighs 13lb!!

RRR/Hindle’s unique 4-2-1 design allows for maximum horsepower and maximum torque. This Hindle system was dyno tested and produced 54 hp and 35 ft/lbs torque at the back wheel. The dyno run was carried out at RRR/Hindles with the latest software available from Dynojet. The test was on my stock 1979 CB650 engine which I have shoehorned into a CB550 frame! I’ve fitted the motor with pods and re-jetted to suit. This engine has not been rebuilt but is still quite healthy despite the years. When new, as tested by Cycle World, the CB650 produced 49 hp at the back wheel on a Dynojet dynamometer. Our RRR/Hindle exhaust has gained 5hp over stock and created a very flat torque curve that produces 35ft/lbs torque over a 5000 rpm spread. Another interesting note is that the exhaust system would allow the engine to rev to 11,000 rpm before peak power began to fade. Peak power was recorded at 9,500rpm.

Our Stainless Steel design makes for a super light, strong and extremely durable exhaust system which will not rust. The RRR/Hindle Vintage Racing Exhaust System can be ordered as a complete system with a Stainless Steel Megaphone Muffler for $699 or can be ordered as Headers Only ($550). The Stainless Steel Megaphone Mufflers come in two lengths, 12 inch or 16 inch,  and are supplied with either a “Classic” tip (pictured on bike) or a “reverse cone slash cut Megaphone” tip (end cap). In either case the cost is $250. The Stainless Steel Megaphone Muffler has a straight through perforated baffle core design, wrapped with SS wool and ceramic which lets the engine breathe yet is “relatively” quiet when trolling about town. When the throttle is opened, the system produces a rich mellow sound as it screams toward redline, truly fantastic! The 16 inch Megaphone is a little quieter than the 12 inch Megaphone. The 12 inch is…a…robust in volume!

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