The RRR/Hindle system is a true race developed unit made completely from Stainless Steel. The system is designed to offer full access to the oil filter, oil drain and centerstand. Our Stainless Steel is very light, similar to Titanium but much less expensive and because it is made in stainless steel, it will not rust and has an extremely long life expectancy. This race style performance system is designed to install and come apart very quickly for any maintenance needs. The whole unit is spring mounted from the headers back so it can come apart in sections for maintenance. The 4-2-1 design offers maximum torque and maximum horsepower and the spring mounting system allows the owner to custom fit the unit to their bike at the midpipe section by either swiveling it in or out to bring the muffler in tighter to the bike’s frame. The RRR/Hindle system ships with a choice of  two Stainless Steel Megaphone muffler lengths, a 12″ or 16″ and come fitted with either the “Classic Tip” or the “Reverse cone slash cut Megaphone Tip” ($699). A model specific muffler hanger is also supplied which adapts the system to all the F&K models. The actual muffler mount is located at the bottom/back of the muffler to keep the clean lines of the unit.

The stock RRR/Hindle system has a nice mellow sound but it’s not objectionable and thus perfect for heavily populated areas, or coming home really late at night!  When you get on the power and make the bike rev, then the free flowing nature of the Megaphone Muffler really comes on song and the sound is gorgeous! Both Megaphone Mufflers will use the same mounting point and thus are completely interchangeable. With the “Shorty” or 12″ muffler length, the sound is…ah…stirring!

This system fits all the Honda CB750 models from 1969-78.

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